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Anzeti Face Claim: Lee Pace

The lovely theletter27 proposed that Anzeti’s Face Claim could be Lee Pace! I immediately thought of that shy, adorable, murder mystery solving, raising-the-dead pie maker from Pushing Daises, Ned!

Just look at that smile :)

Anzeti is a bit gruffer than Lee Pace, but the mannerisms are the same.

Also, I’d like to point out that Ned’s love interest, “Chuck”, reminds me of Zhu’na:

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Her haaaair.

Anyway, there you have it! A face claim for Anzeti! Feel free to suggest any more Lee Pace roles, gifs, etc.

Lee Pace Info,



Lees new manager is 

Creative Artists Agency
Kim Hodgert
2000 Ave of the Stars
Los Angeles, CA 90067


Send it to his new publicist

Carrie Byalick 
212 774 6157
150 west 30th st 19th floor, NY NY 10001

I called and confirmed all this FINALLY, so there it is! 

Repost to Lee Networks if you would like. 

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