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Hi, we are having a problem with the LPFN tag used but not posted to the blog or it’s not about Lee at all. If you’re a member can you make sure to post/reblog it to the blog? This is going out to all members and non members using the tag. Some are using it for promos of their page and it seems to be a Supernatural tag also. So I’m asking everyone who is a member to blog or reblog to the LPFN. Please do not use it if it is not Lee related and can’t be blogged to the page. If your not a member and want to be, click the join link

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The blog is finally finished! It took ages. This blog has a navigation page where you can find whatever. Now since this blog is brand new, it doesn’t have many posts and so I have yet to finish the navigation page. I will need help running this page so if you want to co-run this blog with me, please message me (keep in mind that the tagging system is sort of advanced and you will have know a little bit of html).

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